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FAST & FREE Shipping | SALE ending in 48 hours | Top Rated Reviews

Rolters 80,000 BTU 96% AFUE Single Stage Gas Furnace - Upflow/Horizontal


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The Rolters RS80AFSSGF gas furnace features high-quality construction and efficient operation at a great value. The RS80AFSSGF single-stage, 9-speed furnace utilizes Rolters superior heat exchanger design to provide efficient, reliable heating to your home. If you're looking to cut your energy bills and improve your comfort without breaking the bank, your search stops with the RS80AFSSGF .

Quick Facts

  • This furnace is ideal to heat a smaller house (depending on climate)

  • 80,000 BTU 96% efficient natural gas furnace

  • Requires plastic/PVC flue venting

  • Can be used in the upflow or horizontal orientation

  • Can be converted to an LP furnace with a conversion kit (sold separately)

  • Innovative design for electrical efficiency, safety, and lower sound output


The Rolters RS80AFSSGF gas furnace is 80,000 BTU’s. This BTU count is a measure of the input of the furnace per hour, while the output of this furnace is 76,800 BTU’s (80,000 X 96% AFUE) per hour. In ideal climate conditions, this 80,000 BTU furnace is usually used to heat a small house.

96% Efficiency Rating

The Rolters RS80AFSSGFgas furnace is 96% efficient, and the standard furnace efficiency on the market today. This means that 96% of the gas going into the furnace is used to heat your home and the remaining 20% is lost out of the flue venting. Please note that all 96% furnaces must be vented using plastic/PVC flue venting, while anything higher than 90% efficient must be vented using plastic/PVC venting.

Single Stage Furnace

The Rolters RS80AFSSGF gas furnace is a single stage furnace has only one heat output. Regardless of the indoor temperature, this furnace will burn at 100% output whenever the thermostat calls for it. Like a light switch, this furnace’s burner will either be on or off and nothing in between. A single stage furnace is the standard efficient furnace since every time your furnace turns on the furnace uses the same amount of energy.

Natural Gas or LP Furnace

From the factory, the Rolters RS80AFSSGF runs on natural gas. However all Rolters gas furnaces can be converted to propane using the furnace’s corresponding conversion kit, an optional accessory at an additional cost that consists of a replacement set of orifices and springs.

9-Speed ECM Blower Motor

Instead of the last generation PSC blower motor, Rolters RS80AFSSGF utilizes a 9-speed ECM motor, which uses less power and provides smarter air circulation. All of this causes an overall increase in the electrical efficiency of your furnace, which saves you money.


With installation that follows your state and local codes and with online registration, all Rolters furnaces come with a 10-year parts and lifetime heat exchanger warranty through the manufacturer.

Quick Facts

Durable Hot Surface Igniter

The hot surface igniter on modern Roters furnaces are more durable than previous designs, decreasing related issues and lowering maintenance costs. These hot surface ignitors are also more efficient than standing pilot and older HSI designs, saving you even more money.

Self-Diagnostic Control Board

The Rolters brand has improved technology from years of production experience, allowing for a long-lasting product that rarely has any issues. However, if something does go wrong on the furnace, the control board has a set of sensors that allow it to diagnose basic issues, allowing for easy troubleshooting and to notify the owner if basic maintenance or warranty work is recommended. This increases the overall safety of the unit, for the furnace itself and the occupants of the home where it is installed.

Heavy Gauge Steel Cabinet

The heavy-gauge steel cabinet on new Rolters furnaces provide adequate protection to the internal mechanisms of the unit. The cabinet is also more air-tight than previous models, allowing for a quiet, more economical unit due to losing less heat and preventing more sound from exiting the unit.


The value of modern Rolters furnaces doesn't end at efficiency. Today’s Rolters furnaces feature many different connection options to reduce installation. The Rolters RS80AFSSGF model has a more universal design, which consists of its ability to be installed in both an upflow or horizontal configuration. This allows for an easier installation in more locations, from your attic to your basement. The furnace also comes with color-coded low-voltage terminals that allow for a shorter and easier installation time, which decreases installation costs.

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